Soccer, a year-round pastime

Nick has been playing soccer for eight years now, and since he started playing with a travel team in 2007, we’ve been finding that more and more of our year contains soccer of some kind. His main season runs from August to November, and in the winter, he now practices once a week with his team, and also plays indoor soccer with his friend Will’s team.

The indoor team plays at Rocket Sports, a facility a couple towns over from us. It’s a synthetic turf field inside a big warehouse:

Soccer field at Rocket Sports

I’m endlessly fascinated by this building because it’s several stories high, and located right next to a rail line… I can only guess it was some kind of large-scale manufacturing facility at some point:

Rocket Sports

In last week’s game, the boys gave a resounding thumping to their opponent, and Will scored an absolutely beautiful line-drive goal. Getting game action is tough with my point and shoot, but I managed to catch up with the aspiring Ronaldinhos after the match:

Nick and Will after their indoor match

The indoor season is just about finished. They’ll have a hiatus for a few weeks, during which practices will continue, and then in late March they’ll start up spring outdoor soccer. Spring soccer runs until the end of May, and then it’s time to start conditioning for the fall season….