Curing some cabin fever

We had a snowstorm yesterday – or, it would be better to say we had a mushstorm. It snowed for a while, then we got sleet, then we got rain. So in the end, we couldn’t do very much sledding or snowman-building. However, the kids all got a snow day for their trouble.

Our friends Greg and Aly have two younger kids, Julia and Ben. Aly called us late yesterday to say that they were heading to the YMCA to see if they could work off some cabin fever. They reserved a racquetball court for an hour’s worth of running around and playing. Brilliant! I took the kids over to give Chelsea some relief, since she had fended them off all day while I alternated between working and shoveling.

At the Y, we borrowed a parachute from the gymnastics room and played games with that for a while, which made both me and Aly deeply nostalgic for our grade school. Here are my kids playing some of our usual parachute games:

Nick under the parachute

Anna spins the parachute

Maria in her enigmatic French mime phase

Anna gets ready to get spun