Flyers game

I went to last night’s Flyers game against Toronto (I went to a Flyers-Toronto game last January too, and the Flyers won. I was there with my friends Will and Jonah and Jonah’s dad.). This time I went with my Grandpa and aunt Kate and her boyfriend Jon. We were in super box 13. It was nice. The Flyers won 4-1. I had some french fries and some ice cream. This was after the lego competition.

Lego competition

Yesterday the SAP Green Monsters had the lego competition. We did well, 120 points in the robot part, 7th overall out of 36 teams. We had fun and had to wake up at 5:15 in the morning.

Wayback machine: Bangalore, January 2007

I was fortunate enough to make two trips to Bangalore, India while with IBM. The second of them was two years ago this month. I miss India terribly, and I hope I get a chance to go back again soon.

This is an autorickshaw, and it’s a popular way of getting around in India and other Asian countries. It runs on a two-cycle engine, like a lawnmower or a go-kart, and contributes much of the persistent haze of exhaust over city streets:


Motorbikes or “two-wheelers” are also popular:


Mahatma Gandhi Road (MG Road) is the main drag through central Bangalore, and it’s hard to overstate how active it is during the day and well into the night… like Times Square in energy:

MG Road, Bangalore

And yes, there are cows roaming around freely:

Requisite cow on the street photo

Some IBM colleagues took me shopping on Commercial Street, which is another cacophony of sound and color:

Commercial Street

There are numerous side alleys doing a bustling business:

Side alley off Commercial Street

With a couple of opportunities to visit Bangalore, I’ve had the chance to cultivate some friendships. Rahul and Bindu are the brother- and sister-in-law of our friends Andy and Devan here in Philadelphia… Rahul and I enjoy talking business and solving the problems of the world:

Mike, Rahul, and Bindu

On my next trip to Bangalore, I hope to catch a Bollywood movie in a theater, go to the horse track, and visit Mysore Palace. And if I’m especially lucky, I’ll get to take Chels or Nick with me.

Wayback machine: Memorial Day zoo trip

We’ve been going to the Philadelphia Zoo on Memorial Day for literally as long as I can remember. (Chelsea put together an album last year featuring pictures of me in front of the elephant statue near the entrance. I start out in the pictures around Anna’s size, and in the last picture I’m holding Anna.) Over the years we’ve endured heat, rain, and seriously creepy walks through the reptile house. This year, several of us went in the lorikeet aviary to feed the birds:

Chels and Anna feed the birds

On a cold and rainy January day, this is a nice warm picture.

FIRST Lego League updates

Our competition is this coming Saturday, so the FIRST Lego League team is making final preparations. This morning we visited the sixth grade class at Abington Friends to present our research project and conduct a robot demonstration. Here’s Brian making the presentation:

Brian presenting at AFS

This past weekend we scrimmaged with another SAP team. Here are Tyler, Will, and Nick on the scene:

Tyler, Will, and Nick represent at scrimmage

We also took our final interviews over the holidays. Jeff Featherstone at the Center for Sustainable Communities (Temple University) gave us a great overview of his work creating new digital maps of the flood plains in our area:

Jason checking out the new flood map

We’re looking forward to Saturday!

SingStar and the Eagles

We have a new toy from Christmas… the SingStar line of video games for PlayStation. It’s basically karaoke on the game machine, and it’s great fun. Nick and I sang a duet of “Over My Head” by The Fray, and then Maria and I paired up for a painful rendition of “SOS” by Rihanna. Let me tell you, there’s nothing you want less to hear than me singing this song. If we had a dog, it would have been howling in agony.

This evening we had my folks and my dad’s parents over to watch the Eagles-Vikings playoff game. There was a lot of clapping and hollering throughout – like most people we believe we can will the players to perform as we wish by yelling at the screen.

New cell phones

We just went to the Plymouth Meeting Mall and my mom, dad and grandma upgraded there cell phones and I got one too. I got the LG VX5500. It is super cool. Though I can’t text, it still has a camera in it.

Happy new year!

We celebrated New Year’s in quiet fashion. Some friends of ours host a family dinner party every year on New Year’s Eve in the early evening, so we went to visit with them and had a great time – kids running around, parents in lively conversation. We came home, made a fire in the fireplace, and watched some movies until midnight. Then I think all of us were in bed and asleep by about 12:30. The girls don’t quite have the stamina yet, and the parents have lost theirs. Since all of this was fairly low-key, we don’t even have any pictures to show.

New Year’s Day, Nick and I did some FIRST Lego League work, Maria had a playdate and sleepover with her friend Nora, and Chelsea and Mary did some work. Anna joined in on the Nora playdate but was not included on the sleepover, and this was a source of great upsetment. We don’t know many kindergarteners who are doing sleepovers, but Anna feels she is ready!

New Years Eve

For New Years Eve we went to the Forrest’s party. It was my first time going, because the last few years I went to another party of my friend’s. The kids were very hectic and there was a boy vs. girl thing on the second floor. I sat on the top of Ben’s bunk bed and watched them and read short books. Earlier that day Tyler Judge had came over to work with my dad and I on the lego competition work. The competition is on the 10th.

Happy New Year!