Take Your Children to Work Day

Yesterday I got to bring Nick and Maria to the office for our annual Take Your Children to Work Day. (Anna is still too young – SAP’s program starts around Maria’s age.) This was Maria’s first year, and Nick’s second. The folks who planned it did a fantastic job once again, and the kids had a great time.

Here is Nick sitting for lunch in our training area, in a spot I usually visit when I need a quiet place to sit and read things for work:


Nick and Maria had separate lunch times, so when Maria and I sat together, we sat outside. We have outdoor tables and chairs outside the cafeteria, and they just got them out this week. There was a special visitor in the cafeteria – the cow mascot from Chick-fil-A, known in my house (thanks to Anna) as “the Moo”:


Nick had a chance to catch up with the Moo as well:


We always have some special treats at the office for the big day. One of the things we saw this year was a Microsoft Surface, which is kind of like a cross between a coffee table and a computer. It has a touch screen, and you can play games on the surface of the table with multiple people playing at the same time. Nick, naturally, got in on the action:


I’m never quite sure how the kids interpret all of this. Do they think I spend my days in the office playing video games and visiting with the Moo? I can remember going to the office with my dad when I was a kid and reporting back that he spent his day talking on the phone and shredding things. He was an Enron executive. (Kidding!) In any case, Take Your Children to Work Day at SAP is a great day for the kids, and a lot of fun for the parents, too.