Visiting the H-Mart

Friday evening, I took the girls down to Cheltenham Avenue and York Road to visit H-Mart, a South Korean supermarket chain that has a few outlets here in the US. Maria had visited before on a field trip, and I wanted to see it for myself – first, because the very idea of a Korean supermarket 10 minutes from my house is wonderful, and second, because I’ve never really tried Korean food.

H-Mart has a food court upstairs and a grocery downstairs. There are also several little shops leading into the grocery, including a delightful French pastry shop called Paris Baguette. The girls loved the pastry shop because you get your very own set of tongs to carry around the store and pick up things:


When we went up to the food court, we found it had a very funky setup – you order and pay in one single spot, and then you get a series of receipts for the different stalls from which you have ordered food. Each stall has a numerical display out front, and they post up your number when each thing is ready – for instance, our rice was #368 at one stall, and our dumplings were #524 at another place. Not your typical food court around here!

The girls were reluctant eaters, but eventually warmed up to the idea of trying some things:



We had some delightful fried chicken which had been doused with a sauce that was alternately sweet and spicy – this alone was enough to guarantee a return visit. Next time I’d like to do a little homework in advance and figure out some more things to try.