Maria’s First Communion portraits

Maria makes her First Communion this Sunday, and Chelsea has been hard at work for the past couple weeks making Maria’s dress. She has done a fabulous job! Chels was finished enough with the dress yesterday to take Maria’s ‘official’ First Communion portraits, and they turned out beautifully. This is just a sampling of the pictures Chelsea took.

First, here’s a good look at the dress (and the girl!)… the lace in the skirt is from Chelsea’s wedding dress, and the veil is the one my mother used in her own First Communion:


Now, a closer view. The gemstones on the bodice and the trimming on the straps both came from our trip to New York the other week. Chelsea also made the earrings and the necklace:


In addition to making the dress, the earrings, the necklace, and the girl, Chelsea was also taking some spectacular pictures:


And to round out the set, I believe this is the rosary that Chelsea received from her grandmother Mocky, who passed away last year:


I’m in complete awe of the echoes of family history that Chelsea has been able to summon with Maria’s First Communion. Can you even imagine what it’s going to be like when Maria gets married?