Hi again!

Hi everyone!

This is my first post in a while, because my dad had all the photos, but I got a camera, so i will be posting more! We went to North Carolina for two weeks, the we came home for an hour, the went to the beach.On the first two days in North Carolina, we went camping, which we were going to go for two days, but it was raining a lot, so we stopped camping early. I didn’t have my camera yet, but I had brought my laptop, so my mom put her pictures on my laptop.
We went with our cousins, Jessica, Scott, Zach, and Karena. Also Zach’s friend Dylan and his family came.
Zach and Karena have a trampoline, and we don’t, so whenever possible, we would go play on it. Even Zach and Kareena’s grandpa got in on the action when he was over.
We went to vacation Bible school at Zach’s church, Camp E.D.G.E.. I had fun because I was a camp counselor, of course for my sister Anna, Zach, and Dylan’s group, the Raccoons.We also went to Tennessee for two days, one night. We went to Dollywood, an amusement park owned by Dolly Parton, in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. On the first day, we went to an outlet mall, right by our hotel. We shopped a lot there. I got a backpack from Reebok, and a watch from Adidas. while my mom and I were in the Adidas store, I saw a Dale Earhart Jr. 88 backpack, and my dad has a joke were he likes Dale Jr. so we were going to get it for, when my mom found a Dale Jr. 88 hat, which we were going to give him for his birthday or christmas, but then decided he would have to wear it in Tennessee and North Carolina. so we gave it to him before we went in the park the next day. He was pleased.
We also went on Zach and Karena’s boat, and we went to a rope swing, which was fun.
Above: Zach. Below: Me.
My mom and my sister.
We went down the river in their town, which didn’t end so well.
After two weeks, we headed home, for an hour or two, which in that time, I got my camera Bean. Then we headed for Sea Isle City.
In Sea Isle City, we had a nice house on 49th or 50th, and went to the beach, rode around town on our bikes, read books, watched tv, played cards(500, crazy 8’s,go fish, and war). We didn’t get to ride a surrey :(. But my dad, Anna, and I rode 9 miles in one day biking. I also rode 3 miles to avalon to play soccer, and we did a scrimage, and the coach said I was my teams only hope, but then the other team figured out easily i was the best on my team, so they always had 6 kids covering me, and on defense I was the only defender, and they usually had 5 attackers, but either I made them shoot away from the goal or the goalie saved it. I also scored a goal. Some how at the end we won, 3-2.