Interlude: Saturday breakfast

As the resident early risers in the house, Anna and I often go out to breakfast together on Saturday mornings. This past Saturday we decided to head to Whole Foods, which has some decent bagels and a yummy hot breakfast bar.

Anna went for a poppy seed bagel this time, reflecting the influence of Chelsea’s mom Mary on her taste in bagels… poppy seed is Mary’s favorite:


In typical Anna fashion, she was actually trying to avoid getting her picture taken, which is why she was holding the bagel in front of her for the last picture:


Eventually I got her, though:


That girl is a funny duck. You may notice that she’s wearing her pajamas. That was her choice, but when we ran a couple of errands after Whole Foods, she kept saying to me, “Are there going to be a lot of people in this place?” I guess she started feeling self-conscious about her attire.