Spring baseball

The day before Easter, Nick and I took a couple of his friends to a Phillies exhibition game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. (The regular season didn’t start until the day after Easter, so this was technically a spring training game, albeit one played here in Philadelphia.) We took the subway down to the park, which turned out to be a real novelty for his friends, neither of whom had ever been on the Philly subway before:


We got to the park early enough to see batting practice, which was a first for me. I’ve never managed to get to a game that early before:



Our seats were up high and away, along the first base line in the upper deck, but the price was right – we paid $4 per ticket with taxes and fees included. As it turned out, the weather was perfect and we had a fantastic time. But it could have been 45F/9C with clouds and wind. And this was an exhibition game, meaning both teams pulled their starters after a few innings.


If you look closely in this picture, you can see about two dozen Pirates players standing around in the outfield before the game started. That was a strange sight:


The boys did plenty of roaming around during the game, and plenty of eating too:


It was a fine way to spend a Saturday afternoon.