Bouncing away the day

Programming note: There will be no new posts next week, the week of April 26th. I have a business trip. During the week of May 3rd, posting may be disrupted because we have to change our blogging platform. (For those who are technically inclined: Google is ending FTP support for Blogger. Boo.) We’ll be back up and running as soon as is practical that week.

All right, back to the important stuff. For our last day of spring break, we met some friends at a playground, and then went to an indoor bounce playground a couple towns over from us. What is an indoor bounce playground, you ask? Picture a moon bounce. Now picture ten different varieties of moon bounce, all inside a converted warehouse. Yes, it’s as much fun as it sounds.

First, a quick look at our playground romp, which included a small but spirited game of Whiffle ball:



When we headed over to the bounce place, we started out in a room that contained a sort of inflatable boxing ring, complete with comically oversized boxing gloves that weighed about ten pounds (5kg) each:



And did I mention that parents play for free?


For the pacifists in the crowd, there was a nice inflatable climbing structure with a big slide at the end:



There was also a two-person racing obstacle course, which yours truly ran several times, to the detriment of my bone and joint health:



Truth be told, the kids had a good time, but this was really a workout opportunity for the parents, and we loved it:


Until next time, have fun out there!