Strike a pose, part three

One of our last evenings at the beach was simply perfect for doing family portraits:


Chelsea took about a million pictures with her fancy camera… the pictures I’m posting here are the ones I took with my battered little point and shoot. Every now and then, I convince Chelsea to share some of her pictures with me, so the next time that happens I’ll post up some of the ‘official’ portraits.



My sister made her first and only beach appearance of the week for the portrait session… the poor thing wasn’t able to spend any time on the beach because of her bum wing. However, she jumped in willingly as both photographer and subject:




Side note: My sister has the most radiant natural smile I’ve ever seen. It’s a thousand-watt smile. I’m just glad she has chosen to use her powers for good and not for evil, because she could smile her way into a dictatorship of a small country.

Anyway, there was a strong breeze going on the beach, which posed some problems for the girls, but no problems whatsoever for the boys:


Now, let’s take a look at those handsome kids:




That’s about it for Shore Week 2010… sun, sand, and lots of smiles.


Tomorrow: Penelope’s Room!