Autumn hike on Appalachian Trail

So your kid comes to you and says, “I need to get some video of us out hiking as a family for a school project.” You might think, hey, there are some nice parks within a fifteen-minute drive of our place.

You would obviously not be a Sperger.

This past Saturday, we found a pocket of time in between our usual commitments and ran up to Hamburg, Pennsylvania for a quick hike on the Appalachian Trail. The weather was alternately sunny and cloudy, and breezy, with temperatures hovering in the 50F/10C range.


We have reached the time of year when Maria will be making only cameo appearances on the blog, thanks to her frenetic ballet schedule, but we were fortunate to have her with us on this day:


I believe you are already acquainted with our regular cast members:



Believe it or not, that’s a video camera Nick is holding in his hand. Will wonders never cease?

Chelsea scheduled the hike and found a spot where we could go for a walk on the Trail in a reasonable amount of time:


We hiked to the top of a ridge, which only took us about 40 minutes:




That left us with some time for horsing around on the ridgeline for a bit before we had to head back down:



It was a fine idea, and we should do it more often.