Another weekend, another trophy

Anna’s tournament team played their second and final tournament of the season this past weekend. We really lucked out with the weather – it was sunny and 65F/18C, and we even got to enjoy the advantage of having afternoon games rather than morning games. The tournament was smartly organized around morning and afternoon groups.

Here’s our girl in motion, with her back to the camera, getting ready to take a shot on goal:


In a quieter moment on the field, she was apparently thinking about flying:


The three games she played were back-to-back-to-back, another nice convenience from the thoughtful organizers of the tournament. There was very little downtime off the field for the girls.


Anna’s team won two games and lost the third, which was good enough for third place in this tournament. That actually meant she got a medal, not a trophy. Even so, she was happy – last week she was disappointed that the trophy was made out of plastic, not metal. This week’s medal was at least made from metal>.



Maria’s ballet rehearsal was cancelled for the day, so we actually had all five of us out there on the field.


After the tournament, we met up with my folks, my sister, and my Dad’s parents for dinner to celebrate my birthday. It was a fine ending to a great afternoon out in the sunshine.