Wayback Machine: November 2009

It was just about this time last year that we were enjoying a dose of Florida sunshine before the epic winter that lay ahead of us. Look at all of us in our T-shirts and shorts!







It occurs to me as I write this that we have the same abrupt transition coming up that we do in the springtime. In a matter of a few weeks in March, we go from piles of snow to very warm weather. Likewise, in the next few weeks we will go from reasonably warm weather to the strong cold of wintertime. In most of the last ten years, Philadelphia has seen its first accumulating snow of the winter on or about December 5th.

Here’s hoping we get some great sledding weather for the toboggan and for Kate’s new snow tube, followed by another nice warm spring. As Chelsea likes to say, if it’s going to be cold, it might as well snow. And there’s no need for the cold to linger as soon as the snow is done for the season.