Red Rock Canyon

Thursday afternoon, when I had finished with work for the day, we met up with my Aunt Carol and her husband Gary to go hiking at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, which is just outside Las Vegas. Chelsea had gone hiking the day before at Valley of Fire State Park while I was working, but this was my first chance to experience the sere beauty of the desert West, which was completely new to me:


We stopped at the first lookout point and quickly scrambled our way down into the canyon:



There was a ton of… sagebrush? Something, anyway, that we had to navigate through here and there:


With a little bit of effort, we reached the floor of the canyon:


Of course, we had to get back out again, and since we had not gone back the way we originally came in, that meant a few surprises and a bit of bouldering along the way:


You’ll be happy to know that we made it out alive:


We didn’t have much daylight to spare, so before long it was time to go. But our quick visit made a lasting impression.


Tomorrow: A much, much bigger hole in the ground.