Girls, I just need ONE GOOD PICTURE!

I’ve probably mentioned before that it’s a little tricky sometimes getting these cherubic pictures you see on the blog. The little cherubs don’t always cooperate, and very often they get a case of the sillies when I pull out the camera.

Witness this sequence of Maria and one of her best girlfriends, just taking a picture on the sideline of Anna’s soccer game:




Isn’t that last one lovely? But the first two… oh, my goodness. Lots of personality in these kids, that’s for sure.

On another topic, I heard some of you are curious to know where we are in getting the pop-up trailer ready for camping season. The trailer is still sitting under wraps in our driveway. I am making room in our garage for us to work on the trailer in there. I’ve also strung some temporary lights and plugs in the garage, which has no electrical power of its own, so that we can work at night and use power tools. Next order of business will be to order up the parts we need and get working.

My two main priorities for this season are getting the roof leak sealed, even if only with a temporary patch, and getting the wheels and brakes of the trailer in good working order. There will be more work to come, I’m sure, but these two feel like the most critical ones. We will also have to do some work on the minivan to get it ready to tow.

Haben Sie ein nettes Wochenende!