Last kid in the kid cart

I have these bittersweet moments sometimes when I realize that Anna is growing out of things that have been a part of our lives as parents for many years now. One of them is the bedtime routine – footie pajamas, reading a book together, singing songs. Anna and I lay down for bed together most nights, but I know from experience that it will gradually stop at some point.

We had another of these moments Saturday night. I needed to run to Lowes to get a couple of things for working in the garage. Anna came along with me, and said she wanted to ride in one of the kid carts they have, which look like NASCAR race cars. I wasn’t even sure if she would fit, but she did:


I don’t really want her to stay this size forever – that would be unfair to her and a little bit of a drag for us, truth be told – but I see her bigness and her smallness at the same time, and I am very happy to enjoy this 7-year-old kid before she gets all grown up on us: