Camping trailer: Movin’ right along

We’re moving at full steam ahead to get our pop-up trailer ready for the season. Over the last 10 days, I’ve started making room in our very cluttered garage so that we can bring the camper inside and work on it without having to close up shop every night. The garage is, well, not quite ready to accept something 16′ x 6′ (5m x 2m) in size:


This is the specific corner where the trailer will soon live:


Regular readers of this blog will know that we would never let a little clutter slow us down. We opened up the trailer Sunday afternoon and started removing water-damaged panels and wood from the roof:


The Styrofoam panels in the roof were wonderfully waterlogged, and thus weighed about five times what they normally would. There was some seriously rotted wood in two of the corners of the roof, but the other two corners look fine. We believe we can cut out the damaged sections and repair them from inside, finishing the repair by re-sealing the exterior perimeter of the roof.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is working furiously to repair the canvas, and has ordered up some waterproofing material so we can get the canvas nice and sealed up again. Chelsea is also making some new curtains for the interior, and some new covers for the mattresses.

We’re aiming for our first trip Mother’s Day weekend, which is just about two and a half weeks away from today. Let’s see what we can get done by then!