Girls, I just need ONE GOOD PICTURE!

I’ve probably mentioned before that it’s a little tricky sometimes getting these cherubic pictures you see on the blog. The little cherubs don’t always cooperate, and very often they get a case of the sillies when I pull out the camera.

Witness this sequence of Maria and one of her best girlfriends, just taking a picture on the sideline of Anna’s soccer game:




Isn’t that last one lovely? But the first two… oh, my goodness. Lots of personality in these kids, that’s for sure.

On another topic, I heard some of you are curious to know where we are in getting the pop-up trailer ready for camping season. The trailer is still sitting under wraps in our driveway. I am making room in our garage for us to work on the trailer in there. I’ve also strung some temporary lights and plugs in the garage, which has no electrical power of its own, so that we can work at night and use power tools. Next order of business will be to order up the parts we need and get working.

My two main priorities for this season are getting the roof leak sealed, even if only with a temporary patch, and getting the wheels and brakes of the trailer in good working order. There will be more work to come, I’m sure, but these two feel like the most critical ones. We will also have to do some work on the minivan to get it ready to tow.

Haben Sie ein nettes Wochenende!

More weekend soccer

So we’d gone to the Union game Saturday evening, and Nick’s team had played a big match Saturday afternoon. (You can head over to his team’s blog, Go ACU Maroon, for the full rundown.) Sunday afternoon, it was time for Anna to take the field with her spring outdoor team.


Maria brought a couple of friends along to the game:


In fact we had a complete roster of Spergers for the match, which is tough for us to do these days:


Anna’s team won – a great result for a team that has been working hard all winter and spring. We’re looking forward to more soccer, in even-nicer weather, over the next several weeks.

Philadelphia Union game

Saturday evening, Chels and I gave Kate a long-anticipated birthday gift – we took her to her first Philadelphia Union soccer game. Kate and I spent a couple hours tailgating before the match, and then Chelsea joined us at the stadium at game time.



The Union were playing the New York Red Bulls, and it turns out that the Philly-NY soccer rivalry is every bit as intense as the teams’ rivalries in football and baseball. We had a few obnoxious Red Bulls fans around us, but their cheers were overwhelmed by the sellout Philly crowd.


Kate and I made sure to get some crab fries, another Philly sports tradition almost as venerable as hating New York:


Evening turned to night, and the crowd was still going strong. When the Union subbed in two fleet young players who quickly scored a goal, the crowd went crazy.



Philly held on to its 1-0 lead until the end, making for a deeply satisfying night at PPL Park. The Union players made a circuit of the field after their win, applauding the fans for their vocal support. It’s a nice touch.


It was a soccer weekend all around for us, with Nick and Anna both playing in early-season outdoor action. I’ll have full reports over the rest of the week.

Fashion plate Maria

Miss Maria had a sleepover Saturday night at a friend’s house. When I arrived to collect her the next morning, she looked like this:


I said to the hosts, you know, when I see models in a runway show who are wearing something like feathers and a stop sign, now I understand how the designers got started. Our girl has a… strong fashion sense.

Wrapping up Warm Week: Hottest baseball game ever

Last summer we went to see the Reading Phillies minor league baseball team, and temperatures were absolutely broiling – 96F/35C at the first pitch, and not much better by the last out. Here you get to see Spergers and Seydels in all their red-cheeked, shiny-nosed, Northern European glory.





That’s my brood, sweatin’ to the oldies on the stadium Bongo Cam:


I’m pretty sure we drove home that night alternating between air conditioning and rolling down the windows because of the… aromatic children.



Looks like we fished our wish with Warm Week – as of this posting, the forecast high temperature for this coming Monday is 80F/27C. That will do very nicely. Happy weekend!

Warm Week: Besuboru

We’ve been faithfully watching Phillies baseball this week, and it just doesn’t look right – not Cole Hamels getting shelled for six runs, mind you, though that was an unpleasant sight. We mean the fans in the stadium bundled up in sweatshirts and coats. That’s fine for the postseason. We like our regular season warm and toasty!


These pictures are from our trip to the Phillies game in July 2009, when the Phils walloped the Reds 22-1. This time it’s Anna who looks strikingly young to me… I also love those rosy cheeks. It was a hot night at the ballpark:


The kids played lots of games and won a bunch of swag:



I thought about going to the game Tuesday night, since there were tickets available, but it was a cold and windy night at the stadium… a few more weeks.

Warm Week: Almost time to swim again

Today we’re only seven weeks away from the opening weekend for our swim club. It feels longer than that, what with overnight temperatures just above freezing. During Warm Week, we’re reminding ourselves that we’ll be in the swim again before we know it.




Somehow I have almost no pictures of Maria from the pool. I’m honestly not sure if this is because of ballet or because she manages to escape getting her picture taken.

Tomorrow: Take me out to the ball game!

Warm Week continues: Summer camping

We love getting out in the woods and camping in the summertime. Here’s a look back at one of our camping trips, to Keen Lake in northeastern Pennsylvania, way back in the summer of 2007.


We did a ton of camping in the summer of 2007, and we’re hoping to break our single-season camping record this summer. The weather is getting nice enough outside that we can start working on the pop-up trailer in earnest, and we have a couple of trips on the calendar already.

Announcing Warm Week

This past Friday, it snowed. On April 1st. That’s wrong.

To help Mother Nature remember what it’s like to be warm, I’m declaring this to be Warm Week. This will be like Shark Week, but not as scary. We’ll be looking back at some of the Sperger Family’s favorite, freckled, apple-cheeked moments in the sun.

Today: At the shore in 2010.






Warm Week continues tomorrow, even if it’s snowing outside!

Teenager on the loose

Last year Nick hit the big one-three, and so when we celebrated his birthday yesterday, it wasn’t quite as breathtaking for the parents to consider. However: Two years away from a driver’s license, and four years away from college. That’s a lot.

I mentioned this recently, but what strikes me now is how fast he is transforming from a little boy to a young man. Here’s a look at him last year, with Chels and the girls:


And here he is the other week:


His face has changed so much in that year, and he’s also sprouted up on us – he has grown at least 3″ (8cm) in the last year, and is getting broader besides. I can still take him in a wrestling match, but it gets dicey for me.

Happy birthday, Nick!