Day 5: Cody to Yellowstone



We woke up, got some breakfast, picked up a few last provisions, and started out for the big park. Along the way we stopped for a couple of pictures outside the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum. We probably could have spent another day or two in Cody checking out the museum and other attractions, but we were all itching to get to the park at last.




We had to drive about 50 miles (80 km) in the East Entrance of the park in order to reach Yellowstone proper. The drive along the way was beautiful, and took us through a snow-filled mountain pass at 9,000 feet (3,000 meters) above sea level.


What followed from there was a bit of a misadventure. We needed to find a place to set up camp. Most of the campgrounds in Yellowstone are first-come, first-served. And it looked like most of them were full. Our first choice, Slough Creek, was completely full to bursting. The few campgrounds that take reservations were generally full. We put in a reservation with one of them, just in case we couldn’t find anything. And on the way to that campground, we stopped in one of the first-come places, Indian Creek, just to see if something was available.

There was an empty site waiting for us!

With great relief we unhitched the trailer and set up camp:



The smell of the lodgepole pines in the sun was like heaven. We had found our home for the next eight nights, and we were very happy.

Tomorrow: Let’s get out and see something.