Day 13: Movin’ on down

My people are not really early risers. On the day we planned to move from Yellowstone to the Tetons, we needed to roust everybody at sunrise, so we could head south and get a campsite. Folks responded to reveille with, well, sluggishness:



We became excellent on this trip at breaking down camp quickly. By the time we would leave the Tetons, we were going from people in beds to driving down the road in 45 minutes.


One last look at our Yellowstone home, and it was time to go:


We also had one last piece of business in the park. Maria and Anna had been working throughout the visit on their Junior Ranger materials, and we stopped by the Old Faithful visitor center so they could be sworn into service.



Soon enough we were heading down the road toward the extraordinary peaks of the Tetons.


Next week: The Tetons, Jackson, and the long road back East.

Happy weekend!