Rain, rain, go away

Last things first: We had a bit of a rainstorm over the weekend. Wasn’t as bad as it might have been, thank goodness. Around our house, I wanted to make some changes so we could avoid taking on too much water in the basement. Our gutters needed some work, and our downspouts needed repairs. Turned out that lots of people had the same idea, so when I got to Lowes Friday evening, the place had been ransacked. I was able to improvise some new downspouts so I could carry water away from the foundation of the house:



Considering how much rain we’ve had this month – smashing the record in Philadelphia by 5+ inches (12+ cm) – we did pretty well. I’ve got a bit more work to do from the inside of the basement. The to-do list never ends.

We’ve got lots of updating to do here, from our Shore trip to our other summer adventures. Those of you on the East Coast, hope you’ve been able to stay dry and can now enjoy the gorgeous late summer weather that surrounds us.