West Virginia: Beware the Alfredo Pie

I always like to try the local specialty when we visit a new place. In Elkins, West Virginia, that turned out to be Alfredo Pie. What is that, you ask? Maybe this picture will help explain… then again, maybe not:


Alfredo Pie is pasta in alfredo sauce, pressed into the shape of a brick, and flash fried. Yep, fried pasta. The menu was pretty clear on this point, but I had a hard time envisioning such a thing. So I ordered it.


The pictures don’t convey how enormous this thing was – probably enough pasta to feed three people. And of course, since it was breaded and fried, this thing was heavy as the day is long. I ate about a quarter of it, and the waiter seemed offended when I not only sent it away, but also didn’t ask for it to be wrapped up.

How did it taste, you ask? Like a giant mozzarella stick. The alfredo sauce was completely overwhelmed by the breading. They even served a side bowl of marinara for dipping. Crazy.