West Virginia: Seneca Rocks

All right, enough with the weird food already. Let’s get back to hiking.


This is Seneca Rocks, a rock formation and local landmark in ‘intermountain’ West Virginia. We climbed up to the top, although unfortunately you can’t get to the very top of the formation. The hiking trail we followed takes you to an observation platform which is better suited for looking out on the surrounding valleys than at the rock formation itself. Nevertheless, we got a nice climb out of the deal.


See that tiny little speck on the left side of this picture? That’s my car.


The hiking trail climbed 1,000 feet (330 m) over 1.5 miles (2.4 km) – a nice bit of vertical gain.


We had the place to ourselves, and for once we had nowhere else we had to go. That gave me some time to play around with my camera.


We headed back to our cabin that evening for some pizza and the Super Bowl – a nice, quiet, low-key evening.