See Nick run

Nick decided to do winter track this year as a way of keeping in shape for soccer. Winter track means running indoors – and not on a treadmill! Chelsea, Anna, and I all made it out to Nick’s last meet of the season. The blur in this photo finishing in second place is Nick:


Here he is afterward, waiting for the heat to be certified.


He ran the mile in this heat, which meant a ton of going around in circles, since the track was only 160 meters long. He did ten laps, but it seemed like a hundred. Nick said that because the track was so short and square that he felt like he spent the entire race turning left.




The boy was running pretty fast for his first season – his time in this last meet was 5:25, more than a full minute faster than his first race of the season. Anna and I had pretty much the same reaction to his finishing time:


He truly seems to love running, and he’s in great shape right now.