Lunar New Year

Anna’s third grade class has been studying China all year, which is fortuitous in several ways. First, of course, her grandfather made his Peace and Harmony Tour of China at the beginning of the year. Second, we have a group of Chinese students who have started attending AFS this year, and we are playing host for one of them. So Anna is on the fast track to understanding China, and she has the wardrobe to match.

Her class held a Lunar New Year celebration a couple Fridays ago. They performed a shadow puppet theater, sang and performed a song about the new year, and told stories about the animals of the Chinese calendar. Here she is, in a blazing red dress brought home by Grandpa, after the shadow puppet performance:




Her animal was the Dragon, which is fitting, since both her parents were born in the year of the Dragon.

Gung hay fat choy! (That’s “happy new year” in Mandarin.)