Anna’s 1st Penance

A couple Saturdays ago, we celebrated Anna’s First Penance at church. This is when Catholic kids celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time, also known as penance or confession. It’s equally important as First Communion, but for obvious reasons it’s also much more intimidating for the kids.


Fortunately, our church does a great job putting the kids at ease and making the whole event as low-stress as possible. The kids stood up front together and play-acted the story of the Prodigal Son:




Fun fact – the little girl standing next to Anna was baptized on the same day, in the same service, as Anna. And it turns out that their older sisters went through First Communion together three years ago.

Then it was time for confessions. The priest sat up to the side of the altar, in a place where everyone could see but not hear what was happening. I think that helped the kids understand that they weren’t going to experience anything weird. (There’s so much mystery in the minds of little people!)


Anna and her girlfriend held out until the end. Anna was dead last.


We had cookies and hot chocolate afterward – a lovely treat for the kids.