Field trip to NYC

Rolling right along: the day after the graduation party, miss Anna had a class field trip to New York.  Her class has been studying China all year, so we visited the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit at the Discovery Museum in Midtown, and we also visited the China Institute to see a special exhibit of artwork from burial sites in northern China. I went along with her as a chaperone for the trip.
The bus for the field trip happened to be wrapped with a huge advertisement for Legoland Florida, which of course we visited during spring break this year.  The kids all thought that was great.  The adults liked it because the bus was super easy to find in Manhattan.




Astute readers of the blog may remember that Chelsea and I visited the Terra Cotta Warriors in Washington a couple years back.  They are no less amazing to see in person the second time around:



The kids had homework to do.  Not the parents, though!


The China Institute was much smaller and quieter, but no less interesting.  I went a little crazy taking pictures there because the exhibit was really neat.



Just a regular ol’ Monday around our house.  The next night, Chels, Mary, and I were in the West Wing of the White House.  More on that anon.