Walking through London Town


When Chels and I first arrived in London, I had to head straight into some meetings for work.  Chelsea decided to take a walk around town, since her train to Edinburgh wasn’t leaving until later in the evening.  She stole my camera for her walkabout, which means I got the rare opportunity to see Chelsea’s photographic eye at work on my own gear.

That marvelous piece of architecture above, of course, is the Tower Bridge.  Sitting at the foot of the bridge on the banks of the Thames is the Tower of London, an infamous place which now houses the Crown Jewels.


Chelsea walked over the Tower Bridge and discovered that some merry prankster has hung the Olympic Rings on the underside of the bridge.  It might be that they have something Olympics-related coming up in London in a few more weeks.  We’re not sure, though – they never said anything about it in town, and we never saw any preparations underway.  (Kidding!  It was madness.)



She also sought out and walked across London Bridge, finding it to be rather unimpressive.  We did some homework later and discovered that the modern London Bridge was built in the mid 20th century and has very little historical significance.  Some of you may remember that the old London Bridge, with more historical significance, was carted off many years ago and reconstructed in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  Strange times.


Tomorrow: Les Jeux Olympiques.