Olympic Park

Hotel availability was tight in London, and I had to arrange this trip for work on pretty short notice.  I happened to discover a new hotel that was available to us, though the place was so new that they were still working on bits of it.  The hotel is part of the Olympic Park where many of the key events of the upcoming Games will take place, including the opening and closing ceremonies.

Our hotel room overlooked the Olympic Stadium and the tower that will hold the Olympic Flame.  You can only imagine how much money this room will cost during the Games themselves. In this picture, the lights on the right side are atop the Stadium, and we’re pretty sure the dark tower on the left is where the Flame will be.  The yellow structure on the left in the foreground might be the Aquatic Centre.  In a couple more weeks we will see it all on TV and know for sure.


Construction work in the area was going on 24 hours a day.  During the week we saw men drilling for crowd control stanchions well after midnight, and we heard testing of an emergency alert system in the train station at 2:00 in the morning.  (That was INCREDIBLY loud.)  As of this writing they’ve got a little more than four weeks to go, so the pressure is on to finish everything.

Tomorrow: Henry V.