Henry V, in the rain

By the end of the week, I had finished with my work meetings, and Chelsea was back from her foray to Scotland.  (She saw some amazing things while there, so I will see about getting copies of her pictures to share with y’all.)  We took the opportunity to do a little sightseeing together over the weekend.  We started at the Globe Theatre, which is a modern reproduction of the place where Shakespeare staged many of his best-known works.  The Globe is open to the sky, just like the original, and you can buy standing-room ‘groundling’ tickets, just like the old days.  We were assured that the groundling crowd smells better today than it did in Elizabethan times.

The show of the evening was Henry V.  We enjoyed it very much, even though we had to scurry off to the gift shop at intermission and quickly read the rest of the play so we could follow the action.  Elizabethan English doesn’t exactly flow through modern ears without a little help.


The set was relatively simple and quite versatile – probably a good representation of how it would have been done in the olden days.


We weren’t supposed to take pictures during the performance, but one of us (I’ll never tell) snuck a photo during the final scene without the flash.  Figured we weren’t bothering anybody.


It rained during the performance, which seemed fitting.  Chelsea had a hood to protect her head.  Your intrepid correspondent got his hair washed.


It was a great show and a wonderful experience.

Tomorrow: Bikes and sand.