Boris bikes and Olympic sand

Some of you may remember from long ago that when Chelsea and I visited Paris together, about five years ago, they had just introduced a bike sharing service called Velib’ in the City of Lights.  It has been such a huge success that many other cities are doing the same.  New York is preparing to roll one out right now, in fact.  London introduced their system about a year ago.  Their system is officially called the Barclays Bike Hire, but everyone in town knows it as ‘the Boris bikes’, in honor of their mayor, Boris Johnson.

Boris bikes are available to all, even foreigners, so one evening Chelsea and I rented a pair of bikes and took a leisurely ride along the South Bank of the Thames.  Our destination was the Tate Britain art museum – more on that another day.  During our ride, we passed through a lively pre-Olympic scene of concerts, a circus, and numerous street food vendors and riverside cafes.  It was great fun to see and we could have easily spent a few hours wandering around.


One of our favorite sights was this huge temporary play space, a giant sandbox filled with a rainbow of colored sand. Beautiful.


Our ride took us past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, a landmark that is always worthy of a picture.


We’ll be back next week with the rest of our London adventure. Happy weekend!