The Giant Heart

The biggest heart in Philadelphia doesn’t belong to an elephant at the zoo (they all moved to Tennessee – really) or a great humanitarian, though many people could lay claim to that title. No, the most massive motivator in town lives at the Franklin Institute, where a ‘temporary’ exhibit about cardiology from 1954 has been going strong for 60 years now.

It’s hard to get a full appreciation for the size of the thing in this picture, but trust me – it’s the height of a two-story building, and apparently would be the right size for a human being 200 feet tall. Maybe in the future people will be that big, if we all eat our vegetables.


Anna had brought along one of her friends for the evening, and as you can see from this picture, our girl was maybe even more excited about the heart than about Jupiter or the comet. (In my experience, a ‘crazed’ look on Anna’s face just means she is having a good time.)


Tomorrow: Flying in the danger zone.