An Old Friend: The Train Room

(I’d like to start out here by saying: Grandma, I have some very fond memories of visiting the big train room at the Franklin Institute when I was a little guy. In my memory, you took me there at least once. If you remember it that way too, great. If not, pretend you did! Because I visited this place and thought of you.)

Anna and I have something unusual in common – we both have strong feelings about trains. When we are doing something together around the city, I usually look for an opportunity for us to ride a train, or the subway, or even a trolley. So I was very happy to bring her to my very favorite part of the Franklin Institute: The Train Room.


Since this was an evening event, they weren’t running the big train back and forth on the tracks. I’m not even sure they do it anymore, although all of the equipment looks like it’s still in place. Here is Anna trying her hardest to get some machinery to work:


We simply HAD to climb into the big train, the centerpiece of the room, and snap a couple pictures.



Bear in mind that all this came about because of a comet we didn’t even see!

The Train Room was the last thing we were able to visit that night. They started closing up the exhibits right after this. So we headed out and did the only reasonable thing – we stopped for ice cream on the way home.

I hope Anna remembers all this as fondly as I will.

We’re going to take a long weekend for Easter. Posting will resume on Tuesday next week. Best wishes to all of you for a lovely holiday weekend.