Kids in Flight


Maria and Nick both got to bring a friend along to Hershey. Here they are flying around on a ride that Nick probably thinks is pretty exciting, and Maria probably thinks is pretty tame.


Happy weekend!

Spring Break: Hersheypark

So we’ve just wrapped up the kids’ spring break. This year we stayed close to home because of some schedule commitments, so rather than sunning ourselves in Florida, we were visiting a bunch of local sights. (I say “we”, and the truth is that it was mostly Chels and the kids. I had work.)


One of the highlights of the week was the kids’ visit to Hersheypark. I had no idea they were open this early in the season, but nothing escapes my eagle-eyed wife.

More to come tomorrow!

Late Night on the Parkway

A couple Saturdays back, I got to ride around on my bike for the first time this season. It was an unusual scene – 1:00 on a Saturday morning, at the foot of the Art Museum steps. My high school buddy Jim was taking part in an event called the Goruck Challenge. Part of it involved – eek – crawling up and down the steps of the Art Museum. Backwards.


I hung out and watched these guys do crazy stuff for about two hours before turning in for the night. It was chilly, but the air was crisp and it felt like spring even though it was cold. I was very happy to get out on my bike to start another season, even if only for a little while.


Technical Troubles

Gentle readers, we are having some trouble accessing photographs to post here. Which is a shame, because we have a TON of new pictures and new adventures to share! Hope to be back with you in the next day or two.

Best regards,
The Management

Happy birthday, Nick!

Over the weekend, our boy celebrating the big one-six. How did he get so old? In my mind he still looks like this:


Or maybe this, perhaps, since he’ll be driving now:

Nick behind the wheel of a Smart fortwo

But definitely not this old and this big:


Neither one of us is standing on a ladder in that picture. He’s just about taller than me.

Holy cow, they’re becoming adults right before our eyes.